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Talent policy

Talent policy

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Adhere to "Opportunities come from Performance", gather "Concentration,

Patience, Discipline, Cooperation and Self-Confidence", use the Eight Quality

Model of Talents Evaluation in an all-round way and scientifically, introduce high-

end talents to the outside world, constantly enhance the height of the talent

echelon, select all excellent employees at home, and earnestly enhance the team






Comprehensive personnel training system, basic skills, professional courses,

personnel training and other vertical to create a deep training ladder, classroom

teaching, online learning, visits and exchanges, job rotation and other rich training

platform, broaden the breadth of talent development, to achieve the lack of training,

targeted training, interactive improvement. Create a learning organization.

Diversified development platform ensures the best use of all kinds of talents,

improves the internal grade evaluation system and promotion evaluation

mechanism, realizes the measurement of talents, and enables the right people to

make more value on the appropriate platform and position.

Rich welfare scheme and high salary, humanized management and working

atmosphere are the main measures to stabilize talents. Excellent and profound

corporate culture is the core competitiveness of team stability and talent